Civil Structural Design

Structural engineering is a field of engineering managing the analysis and design of structures that support or oppose loads. Structural engineers are most regularly required in the plan of structures and substantial non building structures yet they can likewise be included in the design of hardware, medical equipment, vehicles or any thing where structural integrity influences the thing’s capacity or wellbeing. Structural engineers must guarantee their designs fulfill given plan criteria, predicated on wellbeing (e.g. structures must not crumple without due notice) or serviceability and execution (e.g. building influence must not make uneasiness to  the occupants).This course gives students with the abilities and specialized information to get ready structural drawings, strengthened concrete drawings and civil engineering drawings as indicated by designer’s representations and particulars in consistence with architectural drawings and applicable Codes of Practices.

Course Content

What You Will Gain?

• Introduction to industry and industrial systems e.g. Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Energy, Pharmaceutical etc.

• Role of civil engineers in various fields

• Inputs from various departments and output

• Concept of Analysis and Loading Calculations

• Concrete Structure Design with relevant codes & standards

• Steel Structure Design with relevant codes & standards

• Equipment supporting structures and foundations

• Pipe Racks and Sleepers

• General Civil Works – Roads, Drains, CRWS (Contaminated Rain Water Sewer), OWS (Oily Water Sewer), Paving, Dyke wall, Tank Farm Area, Bondary wall, fence, gate Local support and platforms

• Special Facilities – Cooling Tower, Flare Stack, Chimney

• Computer Aided Analysis and Design

Course Details


Civil Structural Design Engineering.


Entry Requirement:

Four year undergraduate degree into Civil Engineering or equivalent,or experience Diploma Engineers of a satisfactory standard and deemed suitable preparation for entry to the program by the selection committe.
Program Length


• Civil Structural Design Engineering With AutoCad (Regular)

• Civil Structural Design Engineering (Regular)

• Civil Structural Design Engineering (Weekends)

• Civil Structural Design Engineering (Only Sunday)


Program Fees

The Civil Structural Design Engineering Program Based on Different-Different time modules. Students pay full fees at the time of the Admission.

Students are advised to check official fee rates at the Offices of SmartBrains.


National Students: Tution Fees: INR 35,000/-

International Students : Tution Fees: $ 2,000/-



• This training program is on AUTONOMOUS basis conducted by SmartBrains.
• SmartBrains has right to expel any student at any time for misbehavior, poor attendance without refunding  the fees.

• Certification will be issued only after completion of course, submission of all assignments and  passing all the examinations.

• SmartBrains has its own rules and regulations about conducting examinations and assessment of  examinations.

Career Opportunities

The field of Civil Structural Design includes the widest range of opportunities of any field of EPC Project Development.

They include:

•    Oil & Gas
•    Refinery
•    Power plants
•    EPC
•    MEP
•    Energy (Wind & Solar)
•    Petrochemical plants
•    Onshore & Offshore platforms
•    Transmission & Substation
•    Road & Buildings
•    Damn & Bridges
•    Fertilizer plants
•    Office buildings
•    Pharmaceutical plants
•    Synthetic fuel Plants
•    Food and beverage plants
•    Synthetic fuel plants
•    Water treatment facilities


Job profile inclues:


•    Civil Design Engineer
•    Structural Designer
•    Structural Draftsman
•    Industrial Design Engineer
•    Principal engineer civil
•    Design & Detailing Civil Structure
•    Inspection Engineer
•    Site Engineer
•    Construction Civil Engineer
•    Personnel from EPC companies
•    Structural Design Engineers
•    Power Plant Designers
•    Petrochemical Plant Designers & Engineers
•    Project Engineers
•    Personnel providing CAD support for plant design and engineering
•    Fertilizer Plants Engineers
•    Consulting Engineers
•    Plant Operations and Maintenance Personnel

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