Electrical Design Engineering

The design engineering and construction of modern plants includes a multi disciplinary collaboration. The objective is to design sheltered and reliable processing facilities  in a financially savvy manner.The actuality is that there are very few formal training programs that attention on design and engineering of Electrical frameworks of such huge plants.Therefore, the majority of the required abilities are gained while at work, lessening profitability and efficiency.The target of this course is to give  the Detail information and aptitudes in Electrical Design discipline to encourage quicker expectations to learn and adapt while at work.

What You Will Get?

  • Outline of EPC Industry and necessity of Electrical Systems Design
  • Part of Electrical Design Engineer in Industry.
  • Knowing Customer necessities and gathering of particular information for projects.
  • Understanding different phases of projects..
  • Utilization of Universal Benchmarks, Design Basis, standard rehearses/strategy and determinations.
  • Estimation of Plant Electrical Load.
  • Improvement of Single Line Diagrams (SLD) and Control Schematics.
  • Selection,sizing, insurance, specification,data-sheets of Electrical Equipment.
  • Cable Selection and Estimating and Directing.
  • Enlightenment Plan.
  • Earthing & Lightening Protection Design.
  • Risky Zone Classification.
  • Substation/switchyard plan.
  • Short Circuit Analysis (Fault Calculations and Stability Studies)
  • Load Flow Examination
  • Motor Beginning Review

Courses Details


Electrical Design Engineering.

Entry Requirement:

Four year undergraduate degree into Electrical, Electrical & Electronics Engineering or equivalent,or experience Diploma Engineers of a satisfactory standard and regarded appropriate preparation for entry to the program by the selection committee.

Program Length

• Electrical Design Engineering With AutoCad (Regular)

• Electrical Design Engineering (Regular)

• Electrical Design Engineering (Weekends)

• Electrical Design Engineering (Only Sunday)

• Electrical Design Engineering (9 Days)

Program Fees

The Electrical Design Engineering Program Based on Different-Different time modules. Students pay full fees at the time of the Admission.

Students are advised to check official fee rates at the Offices of SmartBrains.

National Students: Tution Fees: INR 35,000/-

International Students : Tution Fees: $ 2,000/-


  • This preparation program is on Self-sufficient premise directed by SmartBrains.
  • SmartBrains has right to expel any student at any time for misbehavior, poor attendance without refunding  the fees.
  • Certification will be issued simply after finishing of course, submission of all assignments and passing all the examinations.
  • SmartBrains has its own standards and controls about directing examinations and evaluation of examinations.

Career Opportunity

Electrical Design Engineering offers a deliberate improvement of aptitudes and information in electrical design with the assistance of universal standards and Codes.  This Certification course covers inside and out preparing of electrical Design, including single line diagram, sub station layout, fault level calculation, cable selection, cable routing, voltage drop calculation, lighting design, distribution system design, power factor improvement, B.O.Q, project estimation, tendering and specification  and so forth.


Career Opportunities:

The field of Electrical Design Engineering incorporates the most stretched out scope of chances of any field of Electrical Project Development.They cover:

• Oil & Gas
• Refinery
• Power plants
• Energy (Wind & Solar)
• Petrochemical plants
• Onshore & Offshore platforms
• Transmission & Substation
• Switchgear & Panel
• Pulp and paper plants
• Fertilizer plants
• Office buildings
• Pharmaceutical plants
• Food and beverage plants
• Synthetic fuel plants
• Water treatment facilities
• Environmental waste disposal

Job Profile includes:

• Electrical Designer
• Electrical Design Engineers
• Electrical Project Engineers
• Personnel from EPC industries
• Electrical Draftsman
• Power Plant Engineers
• Field Engineers
• Electrical Equipment Designer
• Electrical Maintenance Engineers and                                                                     Supervisors
• Offshore Electrical Engineers
• Energy Management Consultants
• Plant Operations and Maintenance Personnel
• Project and Production Engineers
• Pharmaceutical Plants Engineers
• Consulting Engineers

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