Homes, office structures, industrial plants, planes, autos and PC innovation all depend on complex HVAC/R frameworks to make and look after protected, healthy and comfortable living and workplaces. Numerous industrial, medicinal, specialized and commercial processes additionally rely on sophisticated heating, cooling air quality and ventilation frameworks. HVAC/R professionals are issue solvers – specialists who contribute to improving hardware work better, more productively, faster, and less expensively. HVAC/R experts arrange, introduce and keep up the atmosphere control frameworks that make our environment more agreeable and practical. These jobs are copious because of the construction blast and the nonstop need to redesign existing systems for more noteworthy cost and natural proficiency.

Energy Total Group can get you making progress toward this fulfilling and secure career. Specialized employments are the quickest developing section in our economy.

Course Content

What You Will Gain?Thorough knowledge of 2D/3D designing on AutoCAD Software

• Air conditioning, including plant design, chiller and pump selection, duct work sizing,

fan selection and acoustics

• Heating and refrigeration, including plant design, pipework sizing, pump selection, insulation

and alternative energy sources.

• Mechanical Ventilation including smoke exhaust systems fan selection, duct work design

and fire rating considerations

• Electrical distribution, including reticulation electrical supply, switch board design, circuit

protection and cable selection

• Lighting, including internal general and task, emergency evacuation, external and specialist Lighting

• Building telecommunications, including telecommunication system design, cabling

• Security systems, including access control, monitoring, CCTV surveillance and alarm notification

Course Details



Entry Requirement:

Four year undergraduate degree into Mechanical Engineering or equivalent,or experience Diploma Engineers of a satisfactory standard and deemed suitable preparation for entry to the program by the selection committe.

Program Length

• HVAC – R (Regular / Weekends)

Program Fees

The HVAC – R Engineering Program Based on Different-Different time modules. Students pay full fees at the time of the Admission.

Students are advised to check official fee rates at the Offices of SmartBrains.


National Students: Tution Fees: INR 25,000/-

International Students : Tution Fees: $ 2,000/-


• This training program is on AUTONOMOUS basis conducted by SmartBrains.

• SmartBrains has right to expel any student at any time for misbehavior, poor attendance without refunding

the fees.

• Certification will be issued only after completion of course, submission of all assignments and

passing all the examinations.

• SmartBrains has its own rules and regulations about conducting examinations and assessment of


Career Opportunities

The field of HVAC includes the widest range of opportunities of any field of EPC Project Development.

They include:

•    Homes

•    Office buildings

•    Airplanes

•    Cars and computer technology

•    EPC

•    MEP

•    Refinery

•    Industrial plants

•    Petrochemical plants

•    Onshore & Offshore platforms

•    Transmission & Substation

•    Road & Buildings

•    Fertilizer plants

•    Pharmaceutical plants

•    Synthetic fuel Plants

•    Food and beverage plants

•    Synthetic fuel plants

•    Water treatment facilities

Job profile includes:

•    HVAC Engineer

•    MEP HVAC design engineer

•    HVAC Draftsman

•    MEP Project Manager

•    MEP Design Engineer

•    Draftsman

•    HVAC Project Engineer

•    Plumbing Design Engineer

•    Project manager

•    HVAC site engineer

•    MEP Co-coordinator

•    HVAC Technician

•    Admin fire fighting

•    HVAC Site Supervisor

•    Trainee planning

•    HVAC Project Manager

•    Fire Fighting Consultant

•    SITE planning engineer

•     HVAC Estimation

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