Power Plant Engineering

Power plant engineering manages the study of energy, its sources and use of energy for power generation. The power is produced by prime movers (such as  Water powered turbines, steam turbines, diesel motors). Extensive measure of energy is created utilizing prime movers in a site or design called power plants, where every one of the equipments and apparatuses required for power generation is located. Energy might be characterized as the ability to do work. Energy exists in different structures, for example, Mechanical Energy, thermal energy,electrical energy, solar energy and so on. Power is the main type of energy,which is simple to generate, simple to transport, simple to utilize and simple to control. Electricity utilization per capita is the index of the expectation for everyday comforts individuals of a place or nation i.e. the use of energy is an sign of the development of the country.

Course Content

What You Will Gain?

• Power Plant: Fundamentals

• Boiler & Auxiliaries

• Combustion Turbines

• Electrical Generators

• Steam Turbines

• Heat Recovery Steam Generators(HRSG)

• Balance of Plant Systems

• Plant Operations and Maintenance

• Power Plant Performance

Course Details


Power Plant Engineering.

Entry Requirement:

Four year undergraduate degree into Mechanical Engineering,or experience Diploma Engineers of a satisfactory standard and deemed suitable preparation for entry to the program by the selection committe.
Program Length

• Power Plant Engineering 2 Months.

Program Fees

The Mechanical Equipment Design Program Based on Different-Different time modules. Students pay full fees at the time of the Admission.

Students are advised to check official fee rates at the Offices of SmartBrains.

National Students: Tution Fees: INR 35,000/-

International Students : Tution Fees: $ 2,000/-


• This training program is on AUTONOMOUS basis conducted by SmartBrains.
• SmartBrains has right to expel any student at any time for misbehavior, poor attendance without refunding

the fees.

• Certification will be issued only after completion of course, submission of all assignments and

passing all the examinations.

• SmartBrains has its own rules and regulations about conducting examinations and assessment of


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